Our services

Telemetry & Telecommand

We design and develop technological solutions that allows you to monitor processes, assets and other variables in real time, but there’s more. Our tailored solutions will also allow you control machinery, vehicles and other systems over a computer, tablet or smartphone. No matter where you are.


Predictive Simulation

Parameterize, simulate and get predictions. This and much more is possible through our tailored predictive simulation solutions. Large companies in the forestry and energy production industries guarantee our results.

Big Data

We implement acquisition, storage and data analysis solutions using disruptive technologies allowing you to take data driven decisions, and your organization, to reach its full potential.

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What else we provide?

Hardware development

We are not just software. We work in partnership with one of the most innovative companies in the prototyping and productive hardware industry, this allow us to dream build incredible solutions that fit almost every need.

Mobile Power Apps

We design and develop mobile applications that improve productivity in the industry, helps us to connect in new ways, and give people and organizations the services and information they need.


Private social networks, new online services, web services?.
We develop large and small scale web solutions for entrepreneurs, businesses or the big industry.


We train your teams in the coding languages, technologies, methodologies and tools your organization needs to grow without limits.

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To launch my business in Austria, I looked for a company in Europe to develop my ideas but I could not find it. Finally, I found Initt. I was surprised at the quality, reliability, understanding and excellence in service. Best of all, Initt is a company that works with the latest technology. Dankeschön!

Erwin Ríos CEO @ TourEuropa

An incredible team, with a mad desire to keep improving project by project

Paul Aguayo CEO @ MCI Electronics (Olimex Chile)

In three years working together, never heard a no for answer. They have the innovation on their DNA.

Jon Doe CEO @ JonDoe Inc.
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Our Vision

Companies and organizations will be more efficient, sustainable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly through the introduction of more and better technology.
That's why we are helping companies to develop:

  • Water quality monitoring systems
  • Energy production monitoring and control solutions
  • Process management and control smart apps

Our Mision

Create value for our customers through state of the art, intelligent, highly mobile and user-centric technology solutions.
That's why we:

  • Learn new methodologies, languages and technologies everyday.
  • Continuously improve our processes and customer experience.
  • Only work whit people really passionate about technology and innovation.

Our Skills

Python + Web2py
Mongo DB
Oculus VR


About us

Initt was born in the year 2010 with the strong belief that companies must stop endeavor to be the best, and should endeavor to be unique. In our company, we strive every day to be unique for our customers. We learn, experiment, and get exited with new technologies every single moment. We proudly can say that no challenge was too big for our team; because learning and innovation is deep on our DNA.

Working with our technologies

Latest news

Initt will represent Chile at NASA’s global competition

In a “big step” for the company, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship team won the Space Apps 2015 with a telemetry system for the International Space Station. During this weekend the team formed by Jonathan Hernandez, Claudio Baeza and Angelo Cares, participated with great success in the third edition of the competition organized by NASA, Open Street […]

What is DevOps?

For quite a while, a new concept in the world of software development is appearing everywhere: DevOps. But what is DevOps? In simple terms it is a philosophy with roots in Lean that seeks to optimize the flow of information (communication and code) between the development team and the production team (the team that ensures […]

Angelo Cares, CEO at Initt, Interviewed for Inacap

“Good ideas sell themselves and the capital appears almost magically” Initt, his new company has inherited the knowledge of over 10 years of entrepreneurship and innovation in the technology industry. And it shows. Achievement after achievement have become an important place in the technological scene and confidence of some of the biggest brands in Chile […]

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